Pickled Red Onions

This is the easiest recipe ever and it can spice up just about anything. 


What you'll need:

  1. water

  2. distilled white vinegar

  3. sugar

  4. a small cooking pot

  5. a jar

  6. red onions

  7. a very sharp knife or your own technique to not cry while cutting onions

Bring together equal parts water, sugar and distilled white vinegar. How much you use here is dependent on what size jar or container you are using. When making these in the prep kitchen in 5 gallon buckets we used the same proportions as I would in my kitchen in an old peanut butter jar. Leftover picking liquid can be saved in a jar and used for next time. 

I like to bring water to boil in a shallow pot to quickly sanitize my jar and lid to be extra careful since I am storing these in my fridge for a while. Cut off the top and bottom of an onion, peel it and then set it on one of its flat sides. Cut the onion from top to bottom and lay them on their sides. When the onion is on its side cut it from top to bottom so you end up with half moon slivers. Slice the onion as thin or thicc as you like. Fill your jar with the onions and put the hot pickling liquid over them and leave on the counter until the jar has cooled enough that you can pick it up without burning yourself. You don't want to put the jar straight into the fridge because you can raise the temperature in the fridge and thats not fair to your produce and cheese collection. I leave my onions over night to pickle and then put them on anything and everything I can think of. 

As great as these are to make for yourself these are also a great gift! I love to gift picked red onions because they are easy to make, beautiful, and cheap!! 

Sophia Ambrosino