All-Purpose Spray


A low-waste lifestyle can be a big adjustment because of how packaging has made our lives more convenient. It’s about taking a step back, realizing your impact, and seeing how you can lessen that impact. As I try to change old and bad habits into new and lower-waste ones, some choices easier than others. The absolute easiest switch was this all-purpose spray because nothing really changed! I put the peels of 2 oranges in a 32 oz. mason jar, cover the peels is distilled white vinegar (our disinfectant), cover the jar and leave it in my cabinet for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the vinegar takes on some of the color from the orange, and looses its pungent vinegar-y aroma. I use a funnel to add the vinegar solution to an old store bought all-purpose spray bottle and dilute it by half with water. That’s it!

I use this all purpose spray on my counters, floors, stovetop, and around the bathroom. Not only is this cheaper than buying brand-name cleaning supplies, but it takes just about the same amount of effort. I feel better about spraying this all over my house than I do big brand chemical cleaners and expensive “environmentally-friendly” companies.  


Sophia AmbrosinoComment