Dish Towels

Imagine never having to buy paper towels again. Are you imagining the water and packaging you’re saving? Or are you more impressed by the amount of money you will be saving? I purchased a box of restaurant-grade cotton dishtowels, 52 for around 20 dollars, and I’ll never be stressed about running out of paper towels again. 

Bulk cotton dishtowels can be found at your local restaurant supply store. I got the majority of my dishtowels from Costco, but I also enjoy buying dishtowels second hand and on my travels from store to store.

Ways to use your dishtowels:

  • To clean up a spill

  • To dry your hands

  • To clean your counters

  • To bring a sandwich for lunch

  • As a napkin 

  • As a trivet

  • As a pot holder 

I tried to do research on water consumption to make paper towels versus the water consumption to do a load of laundry, and most agreed that it depends on the brand of both the paper towels and the washing machine. I am lucky enough to have easy access to a washing machine, but washing dishtowels is as easy as roommate or myself throwing them in with a regular load of laundry. I keep my rags easily accessible, folded in a drawer right next to the oven. 

The main reason I am so happy to be able to ditch paper towels is because it reduced the amount of stuff I was putting in my trashcan (a landfill). I no longer have to throw away the plastic that’s wrapped around paper towels, recycle the cardboard from the center of the roll or the paper towels themselves. This seems like a super trivial thing but it has helped me reduce a lot of waste and save money!

Sophia AmbrosinoComment