Stick Your Onion in Soil Experiment

It all started with an old onion and a pot of soil. Instead of throwing out this soft, old onion I stuck it in soil. 

Day 4: 


Day 12: Quick soil change


Day 26:


Day 31:


Day 38:


Day 40:

I grew up in a city with man-made parks as nature and grocery stores as my local farms. I had no idea how different my childhood was until I went to sleep away camp and met people who lived in the suburbs. I then went on to live in Burlington, Vermont where I realized I might have been the one living under a rock this whole time! The knowledge of knowing where your food comes from is so powerful. I studied food systems and nutrition and as a college educated individual I realized I didn't know how onions grew so I stuck an onion in soil and I got this beautiful flower and a little bit closer to our food system in the process.