2019 New Years Resolutions

It’s almost 2019 and Climate Change is real so here are my New Years Resolutions. While I try not to always think about the impending threat of Climate Change, which is overwhelmingly caused by humans and our need for leisure and love for throwing things away, I do. I think of myself as someone who is pretty low waste, but I know I can still do more.

  1. Compost

    I am signing up to have a 5 gallon bucket picked up from the front of my apartment building once a week for 18 dollars a month with Bennett Compost. I am excited to support a local business and reduce my waste.

    When food waste ends up in a landfill it releases methane (a greenhouse gas) as it breaks down. Although I try to reduce my food waste overall, there’s always going to be peels, ends, and old food that needs to be disposed of. In my new apartment I have a garbage disposal, which was my new favorite toy for a bit, until I realized food scraps are filtered out and the nutrients from the waste doesn’t end up back in the food system. With compost, the nutrients from food scraps end up in soil form, which depends on how or with whom you compost, can later become available for you and local farmers. Bennet Compost gives memebers “finished compost” (very rich soil) at the end of the season to add to potting soil for happy plants.

  2. Reducing my meat intake

    I try to use less packaging and processed food, and buy local and organic as much as possible, but I am good at ignoring my meat intake because it tastes so good. When thinking about my own carbon footprint, I can’t ignore the amount of energy and water that goes into even the most sustainable (organic, local, grass-fed, free range, other buzzwords) meat. Even though I don’t like to eat a very restrictive diet, I am going to stop buying meat to cook at home. I want to savor and appreciate the meat I eat so I will save it for special dishes and occasions.

  3. Eat Philly

    There’s no better way to learn about a city than to eat its food! If you didn’t know this about me, I recently moved out of my parent’s home and into an apartment in Philly. This next year I want to budget my money (and START PACKING MY LUNCH!!) so I can then spend that money eating at all of the amazing, locally owned restaurants of Philadelphia.

Happy New Year! Cook for yourself! Pickle your onions! Pack your lunch! Cook and eat with people you love!

Sophia AmbrosinoComment